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Sunset Sunflower with White Sage Smudge (Red White Yellow)

Sunset Sunflower with White Sage Smudge (Red White Yellow)

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Premium quality hand-harvested and hand-tied California white sage bundles/smudge sticks with one of each of our organic Red, White, and Yellow Sunflowers (4 inch) to generate the calming energy of a beautiful evening's sunset.

Bring in warmth and brightness into your home with these lovely Purple Sunflower Smudge sticks that instantly radiate the sun's positivity once lit. Here at Faiza Naturals, located in beautiful Southern California, we take pride in our meticulously hand-tied white sage bundles. We use absolutely no pesticides or growth hormones and sun dry our lush bundles for a simply amazing all natural product.

We also have a variety of different white sage smudge combinations.

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