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WonderGreens - Super Veggie Gummies

WonderGreens - Super Veggie Gummies

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WonderGreens is a nutritious, delicious super veggie and probiotic gummy made with the worlds most nutrient-dense foods to support wellbeing, nutrition, energy, immune and gut health.

Why it’s special:

- Zero sugar, vegan, non-GMO, gluten-free

- Delicious, chef-crafted green apple flavor

- Packed with D3, K2 and nutrient-dense superfoods

- Packed with 100 billion pre and probiotics to nourish the gut

- Contains more Iron than 16 cups of broccoli, more Niacin than 58 brussel sprouts and more Thiamin than 70 cups of spinach

- Recyced, resealable, on-the-go pouch


WonderGreens contains the most nutrient dense foods on the planet in a delicious gummy that tastes like candy. It is perfect to keep enjoy as a treat that boosts your essential nutrients.


With prebiotics and probiotics that rival any product on the market, this blend of stable strains survives stomach acid as it travels to your intestines.


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