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Hearth & Home Witchcraft by Jennie Blonde

Hearth & Home Witchcraft by Jennie Blonde

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Blending storytelling, witchcraft, and warm advice, Jennie Blonde (the @comfycozywitch) offers recipes, rituals, and spell work, to nourish yourself and your family.

For Jennie, witchcraft is, in and of itself, comforting. Sure, there are not-so-comfortable parts as well—working with the shadow, coming face to face with that which holds you back. Jennie’s witchcraft is about connecting with the magic of nature, your higher self, and something beyond—a deity, deities, Spirit, the universe—and being comfortable with your true self in all aspects of your life.

The book explores:

*rituals for protection and cleansing the hearth and home

*kitchen witchery, creating a kitchen altar, and recipes and rituals for nourishment

*the witch’s altar, tools, and spells, and creating a sacred space, no matter the size of the home

*herbs & plants, grounding rituals, and meditations to connect you with the earth

*witchy self-care, complete with rituals and recipes for ritual baths & more

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